Friday, March 4, 2016

Conspiracy - A cautionary tale.

Watergate? Princess Diana? 9-11? The Moon Landing?
Nope. Different conspiracy.

We're talking about Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, and how you might find yourself in trouble with "the man" more easily than you might have guessed. 

Here's a story. This is a true story, but the names have been changed/omitted to protect the privacy of the involved parties:

So there's this guy. He's young, 20's, smart, level-headed, has an above-average job as head of security at a clothing store inside one of the casinos, he has (had) plans to become a police officer one day. Great guy. We'll call him Phil.

Phil was hanging out with his buddies one night, doing what guys in their 20's do in Vegas.

Some of this: 

Oontz Oontz Oontz! 

And maybe some of this:

The Power of Booze compels you! The Power of BOOZE compels you!

Well, after the *ahem* above-referenced festivities, they got in the car, Phil being the responsible designated driver for his drunk buddies, and started to leave the casino parking garage. 

On the way out his buddy "Chuck" asks him to stop the car. Assuming that his friend was about to "summon the Earl", create a "technicolor yawn", or simply live up to his name, Phil stopped the car. Instead of "bending and sending", Chuck runs over to a convertible automobile parked with the top down and the back seat loaded with boxes containing as-yet-unknown booty... er... bounty. 

Chuck, being the low-life intoxicated person exercising questionable judgement that he was at the time, starts taking boxes out of the convertible. Phil, thinking his friend had lost his mind puts the car in park, gets out, and proceeds to ask his friend what the Chuck he's doing. 

Instead of answering, Chuck chucks a box at Phil. As a reflex, Phil catches it. Chuck runs to the car with another box and starts prompting Phil to get back in and drive. 

Being caught in a moment of disbelief, anxiety and confusion, Phil throws the box in the car, hops in and drives off. 

What did Phil just do? I'll tell you. In that one split-second of confusion Phil just committed Conspiracy to Commit Auto Burglary.

Phil was later found (seriously, the security cameras in Vegas don't mess around), questioned, arrested and charged with a felony.

It's that easy.

Now, Phil's job is gone, his dreams of ever being in law enforcement are gone and he may or may not do some prison time. He will almost certainly be on probation for a while. 

I don't tell you these things to depress you or scare you. It's just that most people go through their lives unaware of how quickly some very serious things can happen. 

If you have been questioned by the police or charged with a crime, please get legal representation NOW!

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