Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nevada’s new gun background check law fails before it begins.

A new law passed at the last election would've required anyone and everyone buying a gun to undergo a background check. 

This would've included purchasing a gun at a gun show as well as private party sales. For example, let's say that your buddy has a gun collection.

Guns. Lots of guns. 
Let's say that your buddy wanted to sell a gun or two to you because he needed some free space and some money to go buy more guns. You agree on a price, you hand him some money, he hands you the gun. 

Under this new law, you've both just committed a felony crime.

However, the new law is not able to be enforced. You see, the State Law mandated that the FBI conduct these private party background checks. The State of Nevada was trying to tell the FBI what to do. 

The new law was set to go into effect this Sunday, January 1st, but on December 14th, the FBI was like:

Uh. NO. 
So, in effect, this law died before it lived. So sad. /s

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